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Scotch Pines has been a family owned business since 1986. In 2012 all ownership was transferred to KOS Manufactured Housing
Community LLC, fully owned and operated by Sue Witham, sole member.

The development and management of the manufactured housing community goes back many years and has been passed down from generation to generation. Providing housing opportunities that are both desirable and affordable has been a family tradition as well as a fulfilling and rewarding business.

The affordability, privacy and independence of owning your own single-family home on a leased lot is unmatched. This option certainly has many distinct advantages:

  • Privacy
  • Independence
  • Low Investment
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Home Ownership Pride
  • Increases Fund Availability for other Interests
  • Less Stress

Scotch Pines is governed by a standard set of rules and regulations. These standards help to provide consistency, improve curb appeal and ensure a higher resale value. Link to rules.

Scotch Pines offers the following opportunities:

Lot Leasing

The majority of the homes in Scotch Pines are owned by the residents, who contract a monthly lot lease with KOS Manufactured Housing Community LLC. The lot lease fee covers leasing the site, weekly garbage disposal, water and sewer, street lighting, repair & maintenance of underground utilities, and general street repair and maintenance.


A few of the homes are owned by KOS Manufactured Housing LLC and leased on a monthly basis. Residents are not permitted to sub lease their home.

New/Used Home Sales

On occasion KOS Manufactured Housing LLC will have new/used homes for sale. Resale of Resident Owned Homes Resale of resident homes is permitted via private sale or through a realtor. Residents must register the resale with KOS Manufactured Housing LLC. New residents must be approved for tenancy by KOS Manufactured Housing LLC.


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Scott Pines is a Mobile home park located in Loudon NH, convenient to Concord, Canterbury, Epsom, Pembroke, Bow, Contoocook and Hopkinton. A KOS Community.